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So what exactly is this "Moto Melee?"

Well, it's three-days & ~850 miles of back-roads adventure for pre-1971 motorcycles with a START/FINISH in San Francisco. Established in 1998 by enthusiasts Jeff Guzaitis and Harley Welch, the Moto Melee was the natural progression from their wildly successful California Melee classic sports car rally.

On the Melee you'll get the opportunity to dodge suicidal squirrels, splash through stagnant water, stay at a seedy motel, possibly run out of gas and maybe... just maybe win a recycled trophy and the sweet taste of Melee fame.

What's that you say? You ride your old bike but are ashamed of its shabby appearance. Maybe it has 3 different shades of primer, or pipes that are made out of old coffee cans? Hey... we understand, a lot of us ride those too. We welcome everything from the pedigreed to the proletariat, a wide diversity of machinery is represented at the Moto Melee. So dust off that Indian bobber, put new tires on that Heinkel scooter or slap a Yamaha tank on that Zundapp, what ever it takes to have your machine ready for the ride. Just be there, because the Moto Melee is only ONCE a year, and if you miss it you have 362 days of waiting until we ride again!

Stop being a spectator... saddle up and BE THERE. The only requirements are a good attitude and of course any pre-1971 motorbike. Entry is limited and priority is always given to early entries and unusual bikes. So contact us and together we'll RIDE!